I am an award-winning and exhibited landscape, fine art and natural history photographer who also has a love for travel photography, landscapes and waterscapes. I specialise in macro photography and fine art flower photography. You will often find me knee deep in water getting that perfect waterfall shot...I call it art!! Others, who know me, just call it madness!!

I got involved in photography in my school days when people still shot on film and counted elephants in the darkroom. I started off with a Halina 35mm camera bought in Partick, Glasgow. At that stage I was already in love with landscapes and nature. University days saw an increase in my photographic interest nurtured through singing & touring with the London Symphony Chorus & Scottish National Orchestra Chorus. Spending time documenting musicians and tours got me very much hooked into photography. I now will be found regularly performing with the City of Glasgow Chorus, Brats & Callets, Scottish Chorale and the Edinburgh Festival Chorus.

Latterly I got very heavily involved with Black & White work and spent many a day locked in the darkroom. A very solitary experience! A late mover into digital work I have now fully encompassed it. Having said that I prefer not to do much photographic manipulation for most images though I do enjoy techniques such as creating panoramas, HDR images but mostly long exposures involving the sea and sky after the sun has gone down. My favourite time to shoot, my "blue hour".

I love teaching and sharing knowledge and often get involved in council run workshops. But, I also run my own workshops which can be tailored around the individual. I would normally choose an area offering a wide range of options from landscapes to waterscapes to give a variety of shooting locations, and, with a good tea room close by.

I am a founder member of the Opus V photographic group which exhibits around the West of Scotland and a former member of Edinburgh Photographic Society.

As a musician I am active as a singer and conductor as a member of the Edinburgh Festival Chorus, Royal Scottish National Orchestra Chorus and conductor of my own chamber choir: Scottish Chorale.